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Business Cherub is one of the leading SEO agencies in Australia. We are a Melbourne-based agency. We work with large and small companies; from international brands, blue chip corporations and even international governments. We also work with start-up, small and medium-sized, as well as local businesses. Our carefully selected team has both vast knowledge and skills on various sectors and industries, which is one of the foremost reasons for our phenomenal success rates, making us one of the leading agencies in the industry.

Our goal is to drive traffic that is highly targeted and related to our clients’ websites by significantly improving search engine visibility. We make substantial refinements to improve the websites’ conversion rates, so that the increase in traffic would mean more sales and inquiries.

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Our Approach

Our team at Business Cherub approaches search engine marketing from different angles. Our strategies are unique for each client. Nevertheless, the principles are simple: utilisation of a broad range of data and technical knowledge to make our client’s website as user-friendly as possible. We create sharable content that are interesting and newsworthy. We generate high-quality links and online exposure for our clients’ website through our targeted online PR campaigns. All of this sits on the industry-leading onsite optimisation and systematic numbers-focused research. If it is vital, our team of experts will back up this data and combine it with brand-focused social media marketing campaign. Since we follow Google Search Console Guidelines, our clients can also ensure that our outputs are justifiable and every money spent is invested on the present and future of the company. We create objectives and strategies based on hard facts, which in turn helps us to create the most ideal, effective, result-focused online campaigns. And before moving forward, we make sure to consult our clients and make sure that their long term Return on Investments are in our thoughts at all times.

What An Average Campaign Looks Like

Each client has different budgets and goals, which makes each search setting vastly different from the other. It is for this very reason that with Business Cherub, our clients can expect that each campaign and strategy is unique and will mostly focus on the needs of our client. Nevertheless, there is a universal model that most campaigns follow to a certain degree.

Phase One

Campaign research, strategy, planning and onsite optimisation are usually the primary focuses within the first few months.

Stage 1:  Client Consultation

Our initial step is consulting with our client to get an in depth understanding of their business – their products and/or services, target markets, future goals and visions. We also inquire about our client’s current branding, campaigns and strategies. In addition, our team will also perform a full review of the problems and issues that surrounds your website and the key marketing goals for the following years.

Stage 2: Competitor research

Search engine optimisation is a transparent science, as such, our team will take a look at any website and find out the factors that make them rank higher or lower than another website that’s targeting the same keywords in search engines such as Google and Bing. Our team will find out competitors precisely to your industry and identify who is currently occupying your target search settings. We will also find out what these competitors have done in order to get to where they are.

Stage 3: Consumer research

Using the data from the previous stages, we research how the target customers are searching for the client’s products and/or services in search engines.

Stage 4: Website audit

Our team at Business Cherub will perform a thorough website audit in order identify key areas that need improvement and all the issues that prevent your website from ranking.

Stage 5: Keyword research

By utilising the data gathered from the four initial stages including the traffic volume, search intent and relevancy to create a list of keywords that we will use for monitoring campaign progress as one of a number of campaign key performance indicators (KPIs).

Stage 6: Information architecture and user experience (UX) review

Business Cherub will take a thorough review of your website’s information structure, conversion rates and user experience. We will explore improvement possibilities using our in-house graphic/web design and website development skills and capabilities.

Stage 7: Onsite optimisation

Using the outputs from the previous stages, our team will be able to plan and implement onsite optimisation with includes;

  • Implementation of new website structure
  • Meta data optimisation
  • Internal anchor text optimisation
  • Alt tag optimisation and noScript optimisation (rarely done)
  • Canonical tags review, implementation and removal
  • txt fix
  • 301 redirects implementation
  • Correcting 404 errors
  • Sitemap creation and/or optimisation
  • Faulty front end code correction
  • Modification of other front end errors specified in Search Console including mobile compatibility issues or loading speed issues
  • Creating and uploading additional SEO-targeted code considered vital by the account manager

Stage 8: Removing Duplicate Copies or Content

Our team at Business Cherub will remove/delete duplicate copies or content from your website.

Stage 9: Creation of Transactional Content

Our skilled and experienced in-house copywriters will create or consult on the creation of new transitional content for your website.

Stage 10: External backlink analysis

For us to identify link spam, we will perform external backlink analysis. We will then remove or disavow all links that are considered spam. This is based on the Penguin 4.0 update, where Google now ignores some link spam and took away all the ranking factors that these previously offered without penalising it. We consider this during the SEO process.

Stage 11: Internal link analysis

Our team at Business Cherub will review your website’s internal linking structure in order to ensure that link juice is properly distributed to vital pages and limit those tapped off by low priority pages.

Stage 12: Google My Business listing

Business Cherub will assist you in creating your Google My Business profile and make sure it is properly optimised and updated.

Phase Two

After completing Phase 1, we will start focusing on increasing the website’s topic and domain authority. We achieve this by combining link building/online PR, creation of informative content, structure data implementation (i.e. schema) and social media management.

Link building

Proper link building is a vital part of SEO strategy. It is a niche form of online PR. A lot of SEO agencies get this process wrong, but this is something that our team at Business Cherub excels at.

Content creation

Business Cherub delivers informative, interesting and engaging content for our client’s website on a constant basis.

Social media improvement

Our team of social media experts at Business Cherub will provide recommendations regarding your social media campaign in order to support your overall digital marketing strategy.

Structured data or Schema markup

Business Cherub will apply structured data and/or schema markup throughout your entire website. These include review, local business, service or product, ordered lists, same as, breadcrumb and any other schema that’s applicable to your niche. Thus, giving you the best possible chance of ranking for rich answers or snippets.

Content Silos

Business Cherub will perform a thorough review of your website’s content structure to make sure that your content does not compete with the other content you have on your website. We also recommend silos to help increase topic authority of key pages and areas of your website.

Ongoing analytical review

Our team will closely monitor the performance of your website. Our unique approach allows us to identify delicate changes in your website visitor’s behaviour, thus allowing us to refine the campaign as necessary.

Continuous conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and UX optimisation

Business Cherub utilises Google Tag Managers and other forms of event tracking and user-flow monitoring to improve your website’s ability to convert your visitors into enquirers or customers. Our goal is to capture, funnel and convert customers at various stages throughout the purchasing cycle.

If you would like to know more about our SEO and Digital Marketing services, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Or perhaps you’re interested to see our case studies first? We have a lot that you can freely read. Whatever it is that you are looking for, if it related to search and online marketing, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

Why Choose Business Cherub

At Business Cherub, we believe that being complacent is one of the most dangerous feelings in the digital marketing industry. Search engine algorithms constantly evolve and change. It will not wait for companies and experts to catch up. There are a lot of businesses that get stuck in their ways. It’s different with us. Our team has genuine love and interest in search marketing and this led to a practice of constant learning and knowledge sharing. We firmly believe that this is the most ideal way to ensure that our clients’ websites have a real and constant edge over their competitors. On a weekly basis, we undertake a company-wide internal get together to present, discuss and practice the latest developments in search marketing. Our clients are welcome to participate – in fact many have. For those who are unable to make it, we publish out discussions and findings after the meeting on our SEO blog so you can read them. Business Cherub values transparency and communication seriously. We take the mystery out of SEO though precise, clear and understandable explanations and encourage our clients through knowledge and reporting. This is one of the main reasons why we are the leading search marketing agency in Australia.

Our Other Services

All of our campaigns are custom-tailored to our client’s unique business needs. They are usually an amalgamation of various services. You may also want to look at the following services:

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