Online Reputation Management (ORM) is similar to real-world public relations. Its main goal is to influence or control the image of an individual, organisation or business. When it comes to ORM, the practice involves decreasing the visibility of negative search results in search engines such as Google and Bing.

It is always best to incorporate online reputation management in your digital strategy, especially in cases where you receive unfair or negative articles, forum postings or reviews online that could cause damage to your brand or business.

Keep in mind that Google is the king and reputation is critical in today’s information era. Not all information found online are fair, researched or reasonable. And, they can spread through the internet quite quickly if you do not handle them efficiently. Decades ago, when the internet was just new, negative press would normally undergo rigorous authenticity and accuracy inspection in order to make it to the public domain. Normally, a business will fear bad press if it really did something wrong.

But in today’s era, that is not usually the case. One angry post from a disgruntled blogger could end up ruining the reputation of an online business, regardless if the blogger has really made a thorough research, received poor service or product. Most often, this can be upsetting to a business owner, who has fought hard to earn a good online reputation.

Bad reviews, articles or forum posts can severely hinder a business’ sales process. About 90% of online users will use search engines like Google to research a business before purchasing or making an inquiry. A business with negative search results will often fail to gain the trust of the users, thus experience reduced sales.

Business Cherub fully understands the importance of having positive reviews. While getting negative reviews these days are inevitable, our online reputation management can effectively push these negative results away from your target audiences’ eyes. Thereby, giving your brand or business the best possible chance at gaining back its reputation and sales volume.

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The Business Cherub Way

What do people find when they search your company in Google? Do they see negative reviews left for your business? Do they see inappropriate images? Or maybe there just isn’t enough information about your brand, products or services?

Business Cherub is often people’s last resort when it comes to Google Reputation Management. When we’re approached on an individual capacity, we know how distressing the situation can be for the person. Don’t worry because we are here only to listen. We do not judge.

Our team of ORM specialists know that reviews, comments and information that aren’t clear, concise and ethical need to be publicly accessible through the internet. In this area, we clearly have a different opinion that Google. We know firsthand how unfair reviews, posts, opinions, headlines, etc. can cause distress to people.

When people come to us for our Online Reputation Management Services, we always make sure that they are given confidentiality. We may not end up working with you for different reasons, but your confidentiality is a must! You can rest assure that your details will not leave our office. Your details will only be used for assisting your online reputation campaign.


We at Business Cherub are specialists when it comes to online reputation management. Nevertheless, there are criterion that must be met before we work with a possible client. Before we work with a business, we humbly ask that the client should prove to us the following:

  1. That the negative reviews, posts, headings, comments, etc. are not true, greatly unbalanced or exaggerated, or, provably irrelevant to present circumstances.
  2. That the business itself is not involved in any illegal or immoral practices.

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