Business Cherub is the leading provider of high quality link building services in Australia. We provide link building services that helps create authority for a brand and improve Google positioning, while driving referral traffic within its own right.

We have dedicated considerable time and resources in order to open channels to some of the most influential platforms across the web – from news websites to authoritative and high readership blogs and other online channels.

These high quality endorsements have allowed our clients to perform extremely well for some of the most competitive short tailed keyword and long tailed keyword phrases in search engines.

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Our Link Building Strategy

Business Cherub provides the highest quality of backlinks. These links will allow you brand to stay competitive in even the toughest of Google’s search settings. These will also provide traffic through great online PR exposure. In order to meet this, our team makes use a variety of link building strategies, which include, but not limited to:

Making use of our contributor status on highly prominent news websites, magazines and blogs.

Our team of content writers are active and ongoing contributors to the contributor section of a variety of medium, high and very high status blogs, newspapers and magazines; which means that we have direct access to such platforms. Thus, we are able to write and post directly on to them. The only barrier is the platform’s editor who needs to approve the post before it is published on these websites. Wherever possible, our aim is to give our clients exposure within these high quality websites. We firmly believe that this makes us unique in the search marketing industry. In addition, it make things easier for us to get backlinks for our clients on a regular basis.

Online PR Marketing

Our team at Business Cherub will look for and identify top blogs, websites, online magazines and newspapers, which are relevant to your niche, products and/or services. We also research online publications that have significant readerships and contact the administrator/webmaster/editor or any decision making personnel to persuade them to write an article and provide a link for our client. Sometimes, our pitch is so convincing that these site will write and publish a post for our client for free. Nevertheless, there are other instances when these online publications will require incentives, which we happily pay for out of the client’s budget and with the client’s permission.

Using Existing Relationships

Business Cherub has a database that contain bloggers, journalists and webmasters that we have a relationship with and get in touch with them to persuade them to write a post or an article, and provide backlinks to our clients. Just like our other strategies, we at Business Cherub have excellent success rate with this.

Talk to us to learn more about our link building services and our other exceptional services. We would love to hear from you.

Our Other Services

All of our campaigns are custom-tailored to our client’s unique business needs. They are usually an amalgamation of various services. You may also want to look at the following services:


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Our SEO company will put your website at the top of search engine rankings and increase your organic traffic. It’s simple! Click here to find out how we do it.

Website Audit

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Get independent, unbiased website audit. Uncover vital improvements that can be done to help make your website get to the top of search engine results page.

Local Search

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Improve your local and hyperlocal visibility with Business Cherub. No matter where your target is in Australia, we can make sure you appear in their local search result.