Business Cherub is a top Melbourne-based SEO company. Aside from national SERP focused SEO campaigns, we also provide local SEO services for big business looking to improve their local and hyperlocal visibility of different branches, as well as SMEs and service providers who want to increase their local visibility.

Google has been increasingly favouring local search results and has even allocated important portion of the search engine results page to the local 3 pack – where in the search result, a Google Map appears featuring 3 local businesses. Because of this, the significance of Local SEO has vastly increased more than ever.

At Business Cherub, we ensure that our client’s business is highly visible in local search results, no matter where your target is in Australia.

If you are looking to have a strong presence in the local search result, our team at Business Cherub will make sure that local SEO is a vital part of your digital marketing campaign. We will collaborate with you in order to make your website visible in Google My Business and Google Maps, as well as on other local listing websites. We will utilise all the modern innovations in structured data to maximise the occupancy of your site in local search results.

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As search engine algorithms continue to evolve, many of them, especially Google, has put an increasing significance on local SEO. Search engines are now favouring real, reputable local businesses over large entities that are located outside of your immediate vicinity when responding to queries.

This provides a great advantage for businesses and websites who don’t have enough time and resources on online marketing, since it gives them the opportunity to benefit from strong online visibility because these businesses are located near the place that the search takes place.

This movement by search engines can be seen through the ever-increasing popularity of the map listings that you can see near the top of the search engine results pages, no matter what type of device you are using.

Let’s say for example, a person searches ‘coffee shop’ on their mobile or smart phone while shopping inside Emporium Melbourne. We can deduce that this person is looking for the best options to quench their caffeine craving within walking distance, instead of seeing a link to a global coffee chain branch that’s located on the other side of the city or in another city or suburb.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a national or international business, who want to get visibility in local search listings or if you are an SME looking to get a share of the search in your neighbourhood, we at Business Cherub will help you reach the position you need to be.

Are you dealing with multiple locations?

If your business have different branches or have different physical locations that need to acquire local visibility within their respective search neighbourhoods, we at Business Cherub can be you ‘go-to’ agency. Our team can undertake this challenge utilising local SEO techniques that will be the centre of our strategies.

As stated previously, what we do is to create a silo of the various areas of your website and apply ultra-local SEO techniques to each of these areas.

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