With Business Cherub, you have PPC campaigns that you can measure. We deliver maximum performance through Google’s Pay Per Click or PPC listings, which is a unique marketing platform. Google’s Paid Search marketing platform paves way for the delivery of versatile and measurable data-led results. Thus, it allows us to run accurately targeted PPC campaigns, which are not only efficient but also flexible.

Normally, Business Cherub offers Pay Per Click services as a part of a wider Search Marketing strategy, which is intended to complement the SEO campaign of our client.

Contact us now if you’d like to know how our agency will utilise PPC in order to secure a steady increase in conversion, even at the early stages of a marketing campaign or at a time when your website is not yet visible in the organic search results and not yet getting organic traffic.

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What a campaign looks like

With Business Cherub, you can expect that your PPC is custom-tailored to your business. Nevertheless, there are basic guidelines that all expert PPC agencies follow.

Phase 1

Competitor Research

Our team of PPC specialists will perform a thorough research into your paid search landscape. Doing so, allows us to get a full grasp of your competitions including their goals, strategies and saturation. Useful, effective and applicable PPC strategies can be learned and implemented, while those that are proven ineffective are discarded. We will also gain vital insights into estimated expenditures for each keyword.

Demographic Research

Our team will undertake extensive research how your target audience are searching for your product or service.

Keyword Research

Using the knowledge gained from undertaking the first two stages, we will identify a list of appropriate keywords that targets buyers in various key stages of the purchasing process. We do continuous rigorous testing of these keywords even after the PPC campaign goes live.

During the whole PPC campaign, keywords will be added, checked and possibly removed from the campaign based on their performance. Only keywords that provide the best possible outcomes will be used or retained.

Information Architecture

By utilising the client’s website information architecture, we will find the best possible methods of enhancing the website visitor’s journey, while making sure that we improve the PPC ad relevance quality score.

Phase 2


Using the client’s profile and their target audience, our team of PPC specialists will generate multiple Adcopy options and put these into rigorous testing, which is based on CTR or Click Through Rate and Conversions. PPC ads are constantly refined, while those that underperform are either removed or re-optimised for higher performance.

Tag Manager

To enable us to benchmark and set KPIs, our PPC specialists will be implementing event and conversion tracking, which will provide your account manager and their team with accurate and actionable data sets. These data sets can be utilised to improve our client’s PPC campaign. These are also provided to the client so that they can monitor the progress and share their ideas with us.

Audience Targeting

Our team of PPC experts will set ad parameters to ensure that only users in your target demographics. These will also allow us to decide on what device, format, location and time your ads will be shown.


Successful PPC campaigns can only be achieved through continuous enhancement and refinement. By monitoring our client’s PPC campaigns constantly and seeking intuitive and unique ways to further enhance its performance.

Proven results

Business Cherub has a list of happy clients and a catalogue of proven results. Please feel free to ask your account manager if you need to look at our proven results. All throughout your PPC campaign, we will assign an account manager, who will be your main contact point. Our account managers are experts in their field. They will get a better insight of your business, target market, search landscape and your ultimate goals.

Our Other Services

All of our campaigns are custom-tailored to our client’s unique business needs. They are usually an amalgamation of various services. You may also want to look at the following services:


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